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Our farm is on 170 acres mostly wooded property located in Orange County. Our outdoors raised pigs are born in the forest, mainly foraging in the woods.

We are producing pork for the local customers. Our animals are from the old heritage breeds: Large Black Pigs and Red Wattles. Those breeds are known for their good health and foraging capabilities. Our pigs are living their entire life in the forest. Their diet is mainly what they find the woods.We raise pure and mixed breeds for selling whole and half hogs direct to the consumers.

We deliver our products to the doorstep of our customers. Our focus is on “farm to table” the customers are the consumers of the products.

​Customers are highly welcome to visit us at our farm.


We supplement their foraging with local goat whey and high-protein locally-produced pig feed. We ensure that our animals are always in good health. We raise pure and mixed breeds for sale as whole and half hogs direct to consumers. Records are maintained for each pig, tracking date of birth, number of siblings, age and etc.



Our Pigs are Processed at USDA facilities, primarily Fauquier’s Finest Pork cut sheets can be located at

Red Wattle Boar

This is our Red Wattle boar, enjoying
his summer boar pen.


The piglets are with their moms for at least 8 weeks. 3 to 4 months after
birthing the females are back with the boars for the next cycle. This provides
the females with adequate time to recover, rest and gain weight on a separate
20 acres farm.


Our Red Wattles females have been with our Large Black hogs,
the piglets are black and all with wattles.


All parents enjoy being raised on a separate wooded/pastured farm. We
target towards late winter/early spring births to take full advantage of
fresh vegetation after weaning and autumn nut (acorns etc) availability
to ensure the optimum taste.

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